Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heroic rescue (During Tsunami)....

I had a chance to interact with five family friends from Tsunami affected area for half a day. They all live on the shores of Besant Nagar beach (fisherman colony) in Chennai (Madras, India). So, I asked them how Tsunami affected them. Luckily there was no casualty reported in this area of Chennai, however there were several in Foreshore Estate-, which is less than four kilometers from Besant Nagar beach. The damage was mostly to property.

One of the ladies told me a story as to how her son rescued four visitors in the beach from the brink of death. These visitors, when the wave struck, were caught in the public toilets unable to come out to safety. The lady’s son who swan and managed to reach the top of the toilets noticed these visitors. Thereafter, he rescued all of them.

The rescued people, according to the lady, profusely thanked and offered their help and left their contact details with the lady’s son (who is not educated well and is currently unemployed). I asked whether her son contacted the rescued people and sought their help for her son’s employment opportunities. Sadly, her son lost the contact details. To my surprise, the lady is not bothered about the loss of contact details. To her and her son, they helped four people in need and are happy with that.

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